Tusa Zensee Pro Mask

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🐠 Tusa Zensee Pro Mask: Crystal Clear Vision Meets Cutting-Edge Technology! 🌊

Dive headfirst into your underwater adventures with the Tusa Zensee Pro Mask, TUSA's first frameless diving mask that combines innovative features with superior lens treatments. It's not just a mask; it's your trusted ally for immersive underwater experiences.

Explore the Depths with Unmatched Clarity and Comfort! 🐬

  • UV 420 Lens Treatment: Providing a safeguard against harmful high-energy visible (HEV) light, our Zensee Pro Mask ensures your eyes are well protected, no matter the weather conditions. Dive deep without worry, knowing your eyes are shielded. ğŸ˜Ž

  • CrystalView Optical Lens: Experience the underwater world with superior clarity and colour. With up to 95% light transmission, you won't miss a single aquatic spectacle. 🌈

  • Anti-Reflective (A/R) Lens Treatment: By reducing internal and external reflected light, this feature enhances your overall underwater vision, providing a stunning clarity that will make every dive a visual feast.

  • Anti-Fog Film: Say goodbye to mask fogging with our durable, long-lasting anti-fog film. Dive into clarity, and let nothing obscure your underwater exploration.

  • 3D SYNQ and Swift Buckle 3D: With our unique Fitting Ring built into the Mask Skirt and the low-profile buckle and strap, adjustments are smooth and effortless. Feel the mask perfectly mould to your face shape, promising an ideal fit and seal. 

  • Freedom Technology/Freedom Dry: By leveraging a revolutionary low-friction skirt surface, we ensure enhanced comfort and fit. Enjoy every minute of your dive without any discomfort.

  • 3D Mask Strap: Our patented 3D Strap contours to the shape of your head, offering unprecedented comfort and fit, a significant upgrade from standard flat mask straps.

  • Round Edge Skirt: Our proprietary Round Edge Skirt design improves both the seal and comfort of the mask. Dive into extraordinary experiences with every use.

  • Panoramic View: The Zensee Pro Mask provides an extra-wide field of view, enabling you to take in the breathtaking underwater scenes in all their glory. Witness the enchanting aquatic life from a view that's as wide as your adventures. 🐙

Conquer the Depths with the Tusa Zensee Pro Mask! 🦑

Are you ready for a truly immersive dive? The Tusa Zensee Pro Mask is more than just diving gear. It's your passport to the captivating world beneath the waves, complete with high-quality lens treatments and advanced fit technology.

With each dive, let the Tusa Zensee Pro Mask reveal the beauty of the deep to you in extraordinary detail and comfort. Embark on your underwater journey today – the ocean is calling!