Collaborate with us...

We are avid believers that no person should walk, run, cycle, swim, scuba or hike life's journey alone. With this in mind, we are always open to collaborating with any entrepreneur, company or brand that has cool or interesting ideas... We have outlined a few ways you can collaborate with us hereunder, however, if you have any other ideas you are welcome to send us a collaborative e-mail outlining your ideas.

Product Sales
Do you have a new and relevant product or even an established / existing product or brand you would like us to sell on our websites? We have some really cool platforms through which we can sell and promote your products. We have full e-commerce and logistics facilities in place to tackle any new or relevant product to hit any of our market places.  Simply outline the product/service with a detailed description as well as an outline of your proposed wholesale rates and suggested margins for us to review and we will reach out to you to set up a strategy session.

Strategic Product Partnerships
Do you have a new or established brand/product that you believe requires additional exposure and sales revenue within our market spheres? We are open ideas. Even if it's a product that may not be saleable on our platform but has some relevance to our target market we welcome to the opportunity to explore the options with you. Please send a detailed e-mail outlining your product and service and how you think it may be relevant to our market places.

Cross Promotions
Do you have a product or service that we could use for cross-promotion that would benefit both our brands and give our respective client bases added value when purchasing from us? For example, if you are an adventure magazine looking to expand your readership base, would you consider offering clients that purchase items via our network of sites a 6-month subscription to your magazine subs? We look forward to hearing your ideas.

Equipment & Gear Reviews
Do you have a product or service you would like one of our team to try out?Possibly with a view for them to write a blog for one of our newsletters and to do a review or unboxing video for distribution via our social streams and on our websites along with the possible sale of your product throughout our network of sites? Please send us an e-mail outlining the details of your products and let's explore the options.

Product Promotions / Endorsements
Do you have a product that you would like one of our team to use and test and promote via our network of sites and social streams that falls within our sphere of influence? For example, an energy gel or sports drink that you would like promoted for a launch or event build-up.

Product Sampling
Do you have a product that needs to be sampled by the customers within our sphere? Maybe a cooling gel or possibly a sunscreen that you would like sampled for a launch, we are open to sending these samples and gift packs with any orders shipped across our range of sites and platforms.

Would you like to reach the eyeballs of all the people visiting our sites?  We are ready to discuss the options of site branding & advertising so long as the brand falls within the demographic and target market of our sites.  For example, we are in the process of creating the annual race and events calendars for all the swimming, cycling & running races from across SA.These events will be listed on the relevant websites and platforms and will include a rate-the race & comments functionality to give other athletes first-hand knowledge about the races themselves.  We are also in the processes of doing reviews on all the hiking, walking, cycling parks and trails from around SA as well as detailing all the golf courses.  These sections of our sites will form a repetitive use resource centre which creates a great opportunity for branding.   * These areas of our sites are still in the development queue as it is a massive build, however, additional resources can be committed to escalating the time frame if needed.

E-commerce & Business Development
Have you been looking at what we do and thought... "Wow... We really need to do what those guys are doing in our business?" We are open to exploring the options of assisting or partnering with people in various industries to create additional e-commerce and virtually based business models.  If you have a valid idea/product or service that is scalable, marketable and legal, please send us an e-mail with an outline of your idea.