Tusa Tina Set

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Tusa Tina Set: Dive in Ultimate Comfort & Precision!

Say hello to your perfect diving partner, the Tusa Tina Set! 🦈🌊 Crafted for the frequent divers, this set marries Tusa's premium integrated jacket-style BCD with the top-notch Tusa air system. You're set for a top-tier, comfortable, and precise diving experience like no other!

Tusa Tina BCD: Redefining Comfort & Stability 💪

With Tusa Tina BCD, say goodbye to discomfort! Its high-cut waist design eliminates the need for uncomfortable lead weight.

  • High-cut waist design - Dive in comfort, always.
  • Comfort back and shoulder padding - Forget about post-dive aches and pains.
  • Advanced Weight Loading System (A.W.L.S. III) - Forget about instability.
  • Repositionable D-rings - Attach your accessories the way you like.
  • Independent Harness System & RiteTite Buckle - Adjust your BCD easily, for the perfect fit.
  • Ultimate Stabilizing Harness system - Ensures stability and supreme buoyancy control.
  • 2 double zippered pockets - Store your valuables safely while diving.
  • Available in Black (BK), Pink (P) - Dive with style!
  • Sizes: XXS - L, Lift Capacity: up to 36.0 lbf. - Choose what fits you best!

Tusa RS790 DIN Regulator: A Companion for the Depths 🐠

The RS-790 regulator takes performance, durability, and comfort to the next level.

  • Balanced diaphragm first stage with anti-freeze system - Dive fearlessly into colder waters.
  • Two H.P. ports and four L.P. ports - Enhanced air flow, up to 15% increase.
  • Pneumatically balanced system and Venturi adjustment lever - Breathe easy, always.
  • Ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece - Extended comfort during dives.

Tusa SS-0001 Octo: Your Trusty Safe Second

The SS0001 Octo - lightweight, compact, and adaptable - is your ultimate safety backup.

Tusa 1 Piece Gauge / 2 Piece Gauge: Dive with Complete Information 📈

Choose between the sturdy 1 Piece Gauge for a quick pressure reading, or upgrade to the 2 Piece Gauge for additional depth and temperature readings. Dive with knowledge, dive with confidence!

Dive Deeper, Dive Better 🌍

The Tusa Tina Set is the partner every diver dreams of - reliable, comfortable, and advanced. Ready to transform your diving experience? Don't wait, order the Tusa Tina Set today!