Tusa Snorkel Vest (Children)

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Tusa Snorkel Vest (Children): Dive into Adventure with Complete Confidence!

Introducing the Tusa Snorkel Vest for children, your young adventurer's trusted companion for a day full of snorkelling fun! The SV-2500 junior size vest is crafted to provide just the right amount of buoyancy, ensuring safety and comfort for an extended day of exploration without fatigue. 🐠💦

Perfect Fit for Uninterrupted Fun 👌

The Tusa Snorkel Vest employs a one-size-fits-all front mount design, offering a snug fit that doesn't impede movement. Your young explorer will feel confident and comfortable as they embark on their underwater journey!

Stay Afloat, Stay Safe

Offering a buoyancy of 23.0 lbs/10.4 kg, this vest is designed to keep your child afloat in water. The high-visibility yellow air cell ensures they are easily spotted, adding an extra layer of safety.

Quick-Release Buckles for Easy Use 💨

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, this snorkel vest features quick-release buckles on the back and a crotch snap, enabling swift and easy adjustment. No more fumbling around with complex fastenings!

6" Inflator Valve: Convenience at Its Best

With a 6" inflator valve, adjusting the vest's buoyancy in the water is a breeze. Your child can independently inflate or deflate the vest, empowering them and boosting their confidence.

Compact Design: Adventure Ready 🚀

Easy to deflate or inflate both in water and on land, this snorkel vest can be rolled up for compact storage, making it the perfect travel companion for your family holidays!

Key Features

  • One-size-fits-all front mount design for a perfect fit
  • High-visibility yellow air cell for added safety
  • Quick-release buckles and crotch snap for ease of use
  • 6" inflator valve for convenient buoyancy adjustment
  • Compact and easy to store for travel

Unleash Your Little Explorer! 🐳

Encourage your child's spirit of adventure with the Tusa Snorkel Vest for children. With safety, comfort, and convenience at its heart, this vest is the perfect gear for their snorkelling exploits. Don't wait, let your child dive into the world of underwater discovery today!