Tusa RS1001 Air System (DIN)

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Dive Deeper with the Tusa Regulator - RS1001 DIN 🐠

Embark on a deeper adventure with the Tusa Regulator - RS1001 DIN. This balanced diaphragm regulator is your perfect partner underwater, boasting compact design, lightweight comfort, and optimised performance. Ready to discover the beauty of the ocean depths with confidence and ease? Dive in! 🌊

Elevate Your Underwater Journey πŸš€

Optimised Performance First Stage 🏁

Discover the excellence of the compact and lightweight R1000 first stage. Carefully calibrated for ultimate performance, it's more than just a piece of equipment. It's your passport to exploring the underwater world in the best way possible! πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ

  • Complete with four low-pressure and two high-pressure ports, it ensures a smooth and safe diving experience. Dive deeper and longer, explore more. 🌐

Smooth Breathing Second Stage 🌬️

Meet the S0001 second stage, a game-changer for your underwater excursions. Its unique features ensure a delightful and effortless diving experience. 🐟

  • Features a venturi adjustment lever, offering a smooth flow of air with each breath you take underwater. Feel the freedom and tranquillity of the ocean! 🌊

  • Equipped with an ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece. Say goodbye to discomfort and jaw fatigue. Dive with ease, focus on the beauty around you. 🐠

  • Offers the option for left or right hand configuration, accommodating your personal preference for a customised diving experience. It's all about you! πŸ†

Ready to Dive Deeper with the Tusa Regulator - RS1001 DIN? 🌊🐠

The Tusa Regulator - RS1001 DIN is designed to make your underwater adventures more immersive, comfortable, and unforgettable. Click 'Add to Cart' and elevate your diving experience. The ocean awaits!