Tusa Platina 2 HyperDry Snorkel

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Unleash Your Underwater Explorer with the Tusa Platina 2 HyperDry Snorkel! 🌊🐠

Meet the Tusa Platina 2 HyperDry Snorkel, your ultimate companion for any underwater adventure. Renowned as Tusa's top-tier semi-dry snorkel, it boasts innovative features and a chic design. With the patented HyperDry system at its heart, this snorkel is far beyond just ordinary – it's your passport to a world of underwater marvels.

Patented HyperDry System: A Dry, Hassle-Free Experience 🌬️

Say goodbye to the discomfort of water in your snorkel. The HyperDry system with three current rectifying plates keeps the snorkel dry, providing you with a hassle-free and enjoyable snorkelling experience.

High Flow Purge Valve: Clear the Path to Adventure 🛠️

No more gurgling water or obstructive bubbles! The high flow, angled purge valve allows easy elimination of water and guides the bubbles away from your face when purged. It's all about crystal-clear views and unhindered exploration.

Ortho-Conscious Mouthpiece: Comfort Like Never Before 😊

Designed with ultimate comfort in mind, the ortho-conscious mouthpiece ensures an effortless and enjoyable snorkelling experience. Forget about any strain on your jaw muscles – it's time to focus on the stunning underwater world!

Crystal Silicone Flexible Neck: Adaptability Meets Softness 🏞️

Experience perfect fit and ultimate comfort with the crystal silicone flexible neck. Its softness and adaptability promise a comfortable, distraction-free exploration.

Detachable Swivel Adapter: Freedom of Movement 🔄

Enjoy unhampered movement with the detachable two-section swivel adapter. This feature ensures that your snorkel moves with you, providing an unrestricted, natural snorkelling experience.

Three-Dimensional Pipe Curve: The Perfect Angle 📐

The three-dimensional pipe curve offers the perfect snorkelling angle. It's all about giving you a streamlined, effective snorkelling adventure.

A Splash of Colours: Express Yourself 🎨

Choose from an array of stunning colours to match your gear or express your personality!

Key Features

  • HyperDry system for a dry snorkelling experience
  • High flow, angled purge valve for easy water clearance
  • Ortho-conscious mouthpiece for maximum comfort
  • Crystal silicone flexible neck for perfect fit
  • Detachable swivel adapter for freedom of movement
  • Three-dimensional pipe curve for the ideal snorkelling angle
  • Wide range of colour options to choose from

Make Every Snorkel Adventure Count with the Tusa Platina 2 HyperDry Snorkel!

The Tusa Platina 2 HyperDry Snorkel promises a truly transformative snorkelling experience. Its host of innovative features is designed to offer you unparalleled comfort, easy use and a seamless connection with the underwater world. Dive in and explore the depths with Tusa!