Tusa Mini-Kleio Dry Youth Combo

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🌊 Meet the Tusa Mini-Kleio Dry Youth Combo - Your Junior Diver's Best Buddy Underwater! 🐠

The UC-2022 Mini-Kleio dry snorkel combo includes a low volume 1-window mask with enhanced vision, EZ adjust buckle technology, ClearVu tempered glass lens and pure silicone skirt and strap. The dry snorkel features TUSA Hyperdry Elite dry top technology (pat p) that stops water from entering into the snorkel, a drain chamber and purge valve for easy clearing and silicone mouthpiece. The UC-2022 is a good match with our UF-14Z or UF-21 fins.  Fits ages 6-12.

Take the Plunge with the Tusa Mini-Kleio Youth Combo 🐙

  • Pure Silicone Skirt and Strap: The mask ensures a comfortable and secure fit for your young one, no matter the length of the dive.

  • Single Window Design: Get a panoramic view of the enchanting marine life. The mask's single window design provides a maximum field of view, bringing the underwater world up close.

  • EZ Adjust Buckle Technology: This feature means your child can adjust the mask with ease, ensuring a snug fit every time.

  • High-Quality Polycarbonate Frame: Built for durability, the mask's frame can withstand the vigour of youthful enthusiasm.

  • ClearVu Tempered Glass Lens: The lens delivers clear, bright views of the underwater world, igniting your child's curiosity and wonder.

  • Patented Hyperdry Elite Dry Top Technology: The snorkel comes equipped with this advanced feature, reducing water flow into the snorkel and making breathing a breeze.

Dive into Adventure and Learning with the Tusa Mini-Kleio Youth Combo! 🐳

Give your child the freedom to explore underwater wonders safely and comfortably. The Tusa Mini-Kleio Youth Combo caters to young adventurers aged 6 to 12 years old, offering a snug fit and incredible view of the ocean's magical creatures.

Ready for a Dive? Let's Get Started with Tusa Mini-Kleio Youth Combo! 🌈

Unleash your junior diver's adventurous spirit! Discover the joy and thrill of exploring the deep with the Tusa Mini-Kleio Youth Combo. Start your underwater journey today!