Tusa Intega Mask

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💦Tusa Intega Mask: Adapt, Seal, and Conquer the Depths!🐠

Experience a new level of comfort and fit with the Tusa Intega Mask. Years of intensive research and innovation by TUSA have culminated in a mask skirt that truly adapts to your face. Whether your face is large or small, wide or narrow, long or short, the Tusa Intega has you covered. Dive in, and let the ocean reveal its secrets to you!

Enjoy the Superior Comfort and Adaptive Fit! 🐡

  • NEW 3D SYNQ: Thanks to our innovative 3D SYNQ Fitting Ring, the Intega Mask moulds to your face like a second skin. Feel the mask adapting to your unique face shape, ensuring a seal like no other mask. Experience an underwater excursion like never before! 👌

  • NEW Swift Buckle 3D: Our new low-profile buckle facilitates smooth and effortless adjustments. Feel the mask secure comfortably to your face, ready to accompany you on your underwater explorations. 🌊

  • Freedom Dry Technology: We utilise a revolutionary low-friction skirt surface for enhanced comfort and fit. Dive for hours without discomfort disturbing your deep-sea adventures.

  • Round Edge Skirt: Our proprietary Round Edge Skirt design not only improves the mask's seal but also significantly enhances its comfort. Dive into unforgettable experiences every time.

Dive with Care for the Environment! 🌏

  • NEW Eco-Friendly Mask Case: Your Tusa Intega Mask comes with an eco-friendly mask case crafted from recycled material. Because we believe in diving deep while keeping our environmental impact shallow.

Dive Deeper, See More with the Tusa Intega Mask! 🦈

Ready for a truly immersive underwater adventure? The Tusa Intega Mask is designed to seamlessly fit your face, offering an unmatched seal and supreme comfort. It's not just a mask; it's your reliable partner as you uncover the wonders of the deep.

Unleash your inner explorer today – dive in with the Tusa Intega Mask. The ocean awaits!