SeaLife Sea Dragon 3000F LIGHT

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🌊 Light Up the Depths with the SeaLife Sea Dragon 3000F LIGHT 💡

Discover a new depth of detail in your underwater photography with the SeaLife Sea Dragon 3000F LIGHT. This compact and powerful photo-video light delivers an incredible 3000 lumens in a wide 120° beam, illuminating the ocean's wonders in vibrant colour and vivid detail!

Immerse Yourself in the SeaLife Sea Dragon 3000F LIGHT Features 🐠

  • 3000 Lumens for Incredible Illumination 💡: Bring the vibrant colours of underwater life to the fore with the Sea Dragon 3000F. Delivering 3000 lumens in an even, wide beam, this light adds a new depth of brightness to your underwater shots.

  • Auto Flash Detect Mode & Auto Bright Mode 🌟: Say goodbye to photo shadows with the Sea Dragon's Auto Flash Detect Mode. Automatically switching off for a second when an external flash is detected, this feature ensures perfectly lit photos every time.

  • Red LED 'Stealth Mode' 🚨: Navigate the ocean floor without disturbing the peace. The integrated red LED’s cast a wide beam, ideal for night dives, cave exploration or shadowed areas. These lights won't spook marine life and can assist your camera's autofocus.

  • Adjustable Brightness 👌: Adjust the brightness manually or let the built-in photocell light sensor do the job for you. The Auto Bright mode automatically adjusts the light from 300 to 3000 lumens based on the proximity to your subject.

  • Easily Expandable 🤝: The Sea Dragon 3000F is compatible with SeaLife’s Flex-Connect system of trays, grips, arms, and adapters. It can also connect to any underwater camera system using standard ¼-20 tripod or GoPro camera mounts.

Get ready to illuminate your underwater adventure with the SeaLife Sea Dragon 3000F LIGHT! Light up your dive today and unveil the vibrant world beneath the waves!