SCUBAPRO Weight Pocket 50mm

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SCUBAPRO Weight Pocket: Your Essential Companion for Balanced Diving!

SCUBAPRO Weight Pocket is your reliable partner for maintaining balance under the waves. Compatible with Equator, Equalizer, GO front-adjustable BCDs, and the HYDROS PRO back-inflation BCD, this quick-release weight pocket is designed to give you optimal control and stability during your dives.

🔑 Key Features:

  • Versatile Compatibility: Designed to work with Equator, Equalizer, and GO front-adjustable BCDs, as well as the HYDROS PRO back-inflation BCD.
  • Generous Capacity: Each pocket can accommodate up to 11lbs/5kg of ballast weight.
  • Sold in Pairs: Ensuring perfect balance and stability on both sides.

💖 Immerse Yourself in the Benefits:

  • Universal Fit 🌍: Enjoy the freedom of compatibility. Our weight pocket fits a range of BCDs, expanding your diving possibilities!
  • Carry with Confidence 💪: With a capacity of up to 11lbs/5kg per pocket, you can balance your weight effectively for a safe and controlled dive.
  • Balanced Diving ⚖️: Sold in pairs, these pockets ensure uniform distribution of weight, enhancing your balance and control underwater!

The SCUBAPRO Weight Pocket is a true game-changer. Built for divers who demand the best, this accessory brings harmony to your underwater adventures.

Ready for a balanced dive? Grab your SCUBAPRO Weight Pockets today and feel the difference!