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Unleash Your Dive Potential with the Lightweight SCUBAPRO T-One Scuba BCD! 🌊

Embrace the freedom of the deep with the SCUBAPRO T-One Scuba BCD, the lightest jacket available on the market. Specially crafted for the roving diver, this Buoyancy Control Device is an essential ally for everyone from the entry-level enthusiast to the discerning dive club.

The T-One Scuba BCD prioritises durability, with a rugged 1000D exterior designed for the long haul. 💪 Its lightweight tank band features a robust plastic buckle system, allowing for secure, easy adjustments. An internal octopus holder promotes safety by keeping your backup breathing system within easy reach. 🐙

Functional doesn't mean foregoing convenience - the BCD is equipped with two side pockets, perfect for securing your essentials, alongside restyled graphics and a redesigned shape.

Promising a seamless fit, the Comfort back-pack is all about enhancing your dive experience. The BCD comes with an optional Balanced Power Inflator (BPI), and pre-constructed knife attachment points that can accommodate a ScubaPro knife.

The SCUBAPRO T-One Scuba BCD is your go-to for straightforward quality and performance, offering 7 sizes from XXS to XXL. Dive in and explore the unknown with the ultimate dive buddy!