SCUBAPRO Surface Marker Bouy 1.8m

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Unveiling the SCUBAPRO Surface Marker Buoy - Your Trusted Dive Companion! ⚓

Meet the SCUBAPRO Surface Marker Buoy, the professional-grade buoy that offers top-notch functionality, safety, and visibility. Designed for the passionate diver, this 1.8m buoy is packed with innovative features that set new standards for surface marker buoys. It's constructed of 210D nylon, ensuring robust durability that can withstand the harshest of sea conditions. 🌊

Let's dive into its standout features:

  • Double Inflation System: 🌬️ Boasts an open bottom and duck beak valve alongside a full metal inflator for effortless buoy control.

  • Robust Construction: 🛡️ Made from 210D Orange Nylon, providing excellent durability and high visibility even at a distance.

  • Versatile Attachments: Features a stainless 25mm D-ring and bungee loop on the lower end for easy attachment. Plus, a plastic D-ring on top for your flashlight!

  • HF Welded Seams: Assuring the longevity and resilience of the buoy, making it your reliable partner for countless dives.

Imagine diving deep into the marine world, knowing you're backed by the reliable SCUBAPRO Surface Marker Buoy. Feel the confidence it instils as you manoeuvre the waves and explore the depths. The buoy's bright orange hue catches the eye instantly, making sure you're always visible from the surface. 🌊

Dive into a new era of underwater exploration with the SCUBAPRO Surface Marker Buoy. Begin your extraordinary diving adventure today! 👌