SCUBAPRO Surface Marker Bouy 1.4m

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Your Reliable Companion Underwater: The SCUBAPRO Surface Marker Buoy! 🌊🚩

Immerse yourself in the underwater world with confidence with the SCUBAPRO Surface Marker Buoy. This professional-grade buoy is expertly crafted with a host of unique features, providing unmatched visibility and reliability when you need it the most.

Remarkable Features of the SCUBAPRO Surface Marker Buoy:

  • Double Inflation System: 💨 Featuring an open bottom with a duck beak valve and full metal inflator, this surface marker buoy ensures optimal inflation and buoyancy.

  • Sturdy Build: 💪 The buoy is made of robust 210D nylon, adorned with HF welded seams, guaranteeing longevity and reliability.

  • Convenient Attachments: 🔗 Equipped with a stainless D-ring and bungee loop on the lower end and a plastic D-ring on top for a flashlight, making it supremely user-friendly.

  • Visibility: 👀 With its 1400 x 180mm dimensions, the buoy is easy to spot on the water surface, ensuring your safety during dives.

  • Eye-Catching Design: 🎨 Available in vibrant Orange or Yellow nylon, with white print on both sides: "Diver below" & "SCUBAPRO Logo".

Imagine diving into the deep, beautiful waters, assured that you are visible to your boat or other divers. Feel the comfort and security that comes with using the SCUBAPRO Surface Marker Buoy. It's not just a safety tool; it's your lifeline underwater. 🌊⚓️

The SCUBAPRO Surface Marker Buoy heightens your diving experience, providing peace of mind as you explore the underwater realm. Revel in the serene environment, knowing that your safety is taken care of with a tool trusted by professional divers around the globe. 🌎

Leave your worries behind and embrace the stunning marine life. Take the plunge with the SCUBAPRO Surface Marker Buoy. Dive with confidence. Dive with SCUBAPRO. Make safety your priority and order your SCUBAPRO Surface Marker Buoy today! 🛍️🎉