SCUBAPRO Mask & Snorkel Set - Spider Kids Combo

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🌊 SCUBAPRO Spider Kids Combo: Unleash Your Child's Underwater Adventure! 🐠

Introduce the joy of snorkelling to your young ones with the SCUBAPRO Spider Kids Combo - Mask & Snorkel Set! Specifically designed for juniors or those with narrow faces, this set ensures a perfect fit every time.

Dive into a World of Fun and Safety with the SCUBAPRO Spider Kids Combo! 🏝️

  • Junior-Specific Single Lens Mask: Gift your child the joy of a comfortable and snug fit. Our mask boasts a soft silicone skirt that moulds perfectly to smaller faces, ensuring a secure seal and hours of leak-free fun. 👓

  • Comfortable Snorkel with Dry Top and Lower Purge Valve: With safety as our priority, our snorkel features a dry top to keep water out, and a lower purge valve for effortless clearing. It's the ultimate blend of safety and enjoyment. 🦈

  • Included Quick Clip and Mesh Bag: No more lost snorkels! Use the handy quick clip to attach the mask to the snorkel. Plus, the mesh bag keeps everything together and promotes quick drying after a day of underwater exploration. 🐬

Kickstart Your Child's Underwater Journey with the SCUBAPRO Spider Kids Combo! 🐙

The SCUBAPRO Spider Kids Combo - Mask & Snorkel Set is more than a snorkelling set - it's a ticket to underwater adventures. Engineered with children in mind, we've blended safety and fun to create a snorkelling experience that your child will treasure.

Make a splash and let your child discover the magic of snorkelling. Dive into the fun with the SCUBAPRO Spider Kids Combo - the ocean's playground awaits!