ScubaPro Spectra Mini Dive Mask

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Make Waves with the Stylish SCUBAPRO Spectra Mini Dive Mask! 🌊 🌸

Enliven your underwater adventures with a splash of colour and an ocean of clarity. The SCUBAPRO Spectra Mini Dive Mask, only available in vibrant pink, makes it possible to experience the Spectra magic even on smaller faces.

Designed with a compact two-lens system, the Spectra Mini not only enhances your field of vision but also keeps you comfortable throughout the dive. The swivel buckles allow for easy adjustment and a perfect fit every time. With the tempered glass lenses, you'll explore the underwater world in high definition, just as Mother Nature intended. 🐠🐚

The mask features a crystal-clear or black double-sealed silicone skirt that ensures a watertight seal and superior comfort. An 'EZ equalize' nose pocket makes equalising pressure a breeze while diving deeper.

But this mask isn't just about function – it's also about fashion. Thanks to our exclusive paint process, the Spectra Mini wears the rich look of stylish eye-wear, even underwater. With the SCUBAPRO Spectra Mini Dive Mask, you're not just diving – you're making a style statement! πŸŒΈπŸ’¦