SCUBAPRO SeaWing Nova 2 Fin

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๐ŸŒŠ Power Up Your Diving Game with the SCUBAPRO SeaWing Nova 2 Fins! ๐ŸŒŠ

Dive deeper, faster, and stronger with the newly improved SCUBAPRO SeaWing Nova 2 Fins! These next-gen fins push the boundaries of underwater performance, delivering enhanced comfort, speed, and power. Crafted using the finest SCUBAPRO fin technology combined with the latest advancements in hydrodynamic design, it's time to empower your underwater adventure like never before!

Experience Unmatched Power & Efficiency ๐Ÿš€

Boasting the acceleration and manoeuvrability of paddle fins along with the effortless speed and efficiency of split fins, the Nova 2 Fins let you navigate the waters with supreme ease and agility.

Major Upgrades for Nova 2 Fins ๐Ÿ†™

A host of improvements have been incorporated to offer you an unrivalled diving experience:

  • Generation 4 Articulated Hinge: With Pivot Control Technology for optimised angle of attack and rugged durability.
  • Modified Blade Geometry: Enhances lateral rigidity for improved thrust, responsiveness, frog kick and manoeuvrability.
  • Co-Moulded Heel Grip Pads: Composed of Thermo Plastic Vulcanizate (TPV), these grip pads boost your grip on slippery surfaces, ensuring safe walks and climbs.

Dive into the Features:

  • Articulated Joint: Empowers the blade to pivot, generating efficient thrust without any drag or wasted energy, no matter how hard or softly you kick.
  • Clean Water Blade Geometry: Minimises drag and maximises thrust by allowing water to freely flow onto the working section of the blade.
  • Variable Pivot Control Ribs: Maintain the most efficient angle of attack across all strengths of kick.
  • Ergonomic Foot Pocket: Complete with an extended heel plate, it ensures maximum power transmission and less strain on your legs.
  • Durable Monpreneยฎ Construction: Makes your SeaWing Nova 2 Fins virtually indestructible!
  • Upward Arcing Wingtips: Improve high-speed stability for a smoother and safer dive.
  • Marine-Quality Bungee Heel Strap: Customisable for total comfort and convenience, enhancing your overall diving experience!

When it comes to elevating your underwater journey, the SCUBAPRO SeaWing Nova 2 Fins set the benchmark! ๐Ÿ… Experience the perfect blend of speed, power, and comfort in every dive. Grab yours today!