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Experience Superior Control with the SCUBAPRO S-TEK Glide

Transform your underwater journey with SCUBAPRO’s innovative S-TEK Glide. Designed to enhance your diving experience, this little wonder promises ease of operation, versatility, and robust performance. Ready for an effortless dive? Let's plunge in! 🌊🐠

Unleash the Power of Convenience 🚀

S-TEK Tri-Glides with Smooth-Bar 🏁

The S-TEK Glide is equipped with the brand-new Tri-Glides, ensuring a seamless diving experience.

  • Lock in your ballast weights on a weight belt. Feel secure and confident as you explore the underwater world. Dive deeper, swim longer. 🐋
  • Effortlessly mount D-rings, anchor webbing and much more. Experience the convenience of a truly versatile device. 🌐

S-TEK Quad-Glide: More than an Upgrade 🎖️

Meet the innovative S-TEK Quad-Glide. It's not just an additional slot over the Tri-Glide, it's a game changer for your underwater adventures.

  • Enjoy more stability. Prevent slipping of D-rings, even under heavy load. Feel in control, focus on your journey. 🌊
  • The perfect fit for standard 50mm harness webbing. Say goodbye to ill-fitting accessories. Embrace comfort, embrace efficiency. 🏆

Ready to Elevate Your Dive with the SCUBAPRO S-TEK Glide? 🌊🐠

The SCUBAPRO S-TEK Glide is not just a piece of diving equipment. It's a promise of superior control, ease, and unforgettable underwater adventures. Click 'Add to Cart' now to explore the ocean depths with an enhanced sense of convenience and confidence. Dive into the extraordinary!