SCUBAPRO S-Tek Back Pad Colour Kits

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Amplify Your Dive Style with SCUBAPRO S-TEK Back Pad Colour Kits! 🎨🌊

Infuse your dive gear with a touch of personal flair using our SCUBAPRO S-TEK Back Pad Colour Kits! Customise your S-TEK Back Pad and revel in the ability to swap styles on a whim.

Prime Features and Incredible Benefits:

  • Moulded Monprene® Material 🎚️: Made from durable and comfortable Monprene®, these colour pads promise high-quality performance and longevity.

  • Complete Kit 📦: Each colour pad kit is all-inclusive, providing both the back pad and all the mounting hardware you need for a fuss-free installation.

  • Versatile Compatibility 🤝: Perfectly suited for the S-Tek Pro System, S-Tek Pro Harness, S-Tek Pure System, and S-Tek Pure Harness, these kits offer a broad spectrum of usage.

Imagine transforming your standard dive gear into an extension of your personality with our SCUBAPRO S-TEK Back Pad Colour Kits! Feel the thrill of sporting unique colours each dive, making each plunge into the deep a reflection of your vibrant spirit.

Time to Jazz Up Your Dive Gear! 🎉💦

Eager to add a splash of colour to your diving experience? With our SCUBAPRO S-TEK Back Pad Colour Kits, redefining your dive style is just a click away! So, why wait? Tap 'Add to Cart' now and let your gear speak volumes about your dive persona!