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🐠 SCUBAPRO R095 Octo: Reliable Diving Made Simple 🐙

Introducing the SCUBAPRO R095 Octo, a second stage regulator designed with the classic downstream valve technology, known for unbeatable safety and reliability. Tuned to perfection, it's your ideal dive companion for a hassle-free and secure underwater journey.

🔑 Key Features:

  • Classic Downstream Valve: Providing consistent air supply for easy, comfortable breathing.
  • VIVA Preset: Pre-set for uncomplicated, safe use - your comfort is our priority.
  • Super-flow Hose: Delivering superior air flow and an effortless dive experience.
  • High Comfort Orthodontic Mouthpiece: Specially designed for utmost comfort, to minimise jaw fatigue.
  • Full Metal Valve Housing: Guaranteeing enhanced durability for long-lasting use.
  • Left/Right Hose Attachment: Offering versatility for optimal gear configuration.
  • High-Visibility Yellow Cover & Hose: For easy sharing and quick identification underwater.

🌊 Experience the Benefits:

  • Easy Breathing: The classic downstream valve allows for a comfortable breathing experience, enhancing your sense of freedom under the sea.
  • Effortless Use: The VIVA preset makes preparation a breeze - you can focus on the adventure that awaits!
  • Lasting Comfort: The orthodontic mouthpiece guarantees comfort, reducing jaw fatigue so you can explore longer.
  • Longevity and Reliability: The full metal valve housing ensures your R095 Octo will be your reliable companion dive after dive.
  • Unbeatable Versatility: The left/right hose attachment along with high-visibility cover and hose means adaptable configuration and easy sharing.

Designed for both new divers and seasoned explorers, the SCUBAPRO R095 Octo is the quintessence of dependability and comfort. It's not just a piece of diving equipment; it's your passport to underwater exploration.

Take the plunge and make the SCUBAPRO R095 Octo your trusty underwater ally today!