SCUBAPRO Nova Solo Set

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Dive Solo, Dive Bold with the SCUBAPRO Nova Solo Set! 🐠🌊

Take the plunge with our top-tier SCUBAPRO Nova Solo Set, tailored for both recreational divers and professionals who want to explore the underwater world with unmatched power and precision. 🦈💨

The SeaWing Nova 2 Fin offers a ground-breaking blend of split fin comfort and paddle fin power, acceleration, and manoeuvrability. Dive deeper and swim faster with less effort, making your underwater expeditions more thrilling than ever.

Coupled with the Solo Mask, designed for maximum comfort and a panoramic field of view, and the reliable Spectra Snorkel, you are well equipped for the underwater adventure of a lifetime. Uncover the mysteries of the deep with the SCUBAPRO Nova Solo Set and create unforgettable diving experiences! 💦🐚

The Nova Solo Set includes:

SeaWing Nova 2 Fin

Solo Mask

Spectra Snorkel