SCUBAPRO Nova Crystal Vu Set

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Dive into Adventure with the SCUBAPRO Nova Crystal Vu Set! šŸŒŠ

Elevate your underwater journeys with the SCUBAPRO Nova Crystal Vu Set. This premium collection caters to the serious recreational or professional divers, bringing together the SeaWing Nova 2 Fin, Crystal Vu Mask, and Spectra Snorkel for an unmatched diving experience. šŸ šŸ’¦

The groundbreaking SeaWing Nova 2 Fin expertly fuses the power, acceleration, and manoeuvrability of paddle fins with the effortless speed and comfort of split fins. The Crystal Vu Mask offers unparalleled vision clarity, while the Spectra Snorkel guarantees effortless breathing throughout your dive. This unique blend of functionality and style makes the Nova Crystal Vu Set the perfect diving companion for those ready to explore the undersea world in all its majesty. Let the SCUBAPRO Nova Crystal Vu Set guide you towards your next underwater adventure! šŸ¦ˆšŸŒ

The Nova Crystal Vu Set includes:

* Seawing Nova 2 Fin

* Crystal Vu Mask

* Spectra Snorkel