SCUBAPRO Nova 250 SCUBA Diving Light / Torch

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🌟 ScubaPro Nova 250 Dive Light: Unleash the Power of Compact Illumination 🌊

Introducing the ScubaPro Nova 250 Dive Light, your pocket-sized companion for underwater adventures! Unearth hidden gems of the ocean with 250 lumens of bright illumination. It's compact, lightweight, and simply brimming with features to make your dive safer and more enjoyable.

πŸ”‘ Highlighted Features:

  • Perfectly Compact: Lightweight and petite at 3.9x1.0in, you can easily tuck it into the smallest BCD pocket.
  • Top-notch Cree XPG LED: Powers a strong 250 or 300 lumen illumination.
  • Three Illumination Modes: 100% power, 50% power, and Flash for versatile lighting needs.
  • Extended Light Head Shroud: Ensures your light beam doesn't distract other divers.
  • Double O-ring Seals: Guarantee a watertight light, so dive without worries.
  • New User-Friendly Push Button: Easy activation, even with gloves on.
  • Uncompromised Safety: Equipped with an over-pressure valve to release battery off-gassing.
  • Impressive Depth Rating: Remains functional at depths up to 492ft/150m.
  • Long-lasting Battery Life: Powered by a CR123 battery for up to 1 hour on full power (battery not included).

🌈 Dive into the Benefits:

  • Pocket-sized Powerhouse πŸš€: Despite its compact size, the Nova 250 delivers a powerful 250 lumens illumination, brightening your underwater exploration.
  • Versatile & Flexible πŸ’‘: With three light modes, adapt your light source to your diving conditions in an instant.
  • Comfort & Convenience πŸ‘: Designed for easy activation with its new push-button switch, dive with comfort and ease.
  • Safety First πŸ›‘οΈ: The Nova 250 is equipped with a built-in over-pressure valve to ensure your safety during every dive.
  • Reliable Performance πŸ”‹: Dependable and durable, with a battery life of up to 1 hour on full power.

Dive deep into the enchanting undersea world with the ScubaPro Nova 250 Dive Light. Don't let the darkness dim your adventure. Let the Nova 250 light your way to unforgettable experiences beneath the waves!

Unleash the ocean’s secrets. Illuminate your dive with the ScubaPro Nova 250 Dive Light now!