SCUBAPRO MK17/S620Ti Air System

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🌊 SCUBAPRO MK17/S620Ti Scuba Air System: Your Passport to the Depths of the Ocean!

Meet the SCUBAPRO MK17/S620Ti Scuba Air System, an innovative game-changer that embodies the fine art of diving. This advanced system redefines underwater exploration by merging optimal performance with refined ergonomics. It's smaller, lighter, and better!

💎Key Features:

  • MK17 Evo First Stage: Features a balanced diaphragm and chrome-plated brass body, ensuring flawless performance and durability.
  • S620Ti Second Stage: The titanium barrel, technopolymer case, and large diaphragm guarantee longevity, easy inhalation, and resilience, even in the most challenging diving conditions.
  • High-Performance Adjustments: The easy-grip diver-adjustable inhalation knob and Venturi-Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA) lever ensure effortless breathing throughout your dive.
  • Super-Flow Hose & Compact Orthodontic Mouthpiece: Provides enhanced airflow with each breath and a comfortable grip that doesn't restrict your air supply.

🌟 Dive into the Benefits:

  • Optimal Performance 🚀: Experience smooth inhalation at varying depths, thanks to the air-balanced valve in the S620Ti Second Stage.
  • Unparalleled Durability 💪: The rugged reinforced technopolymer case, titanium barrel, and chrome-plated brass body resist corrosion and withstand years of intensive use.
  • Supreme Comfort 😊: With the compact orthodontic mouthpiece and easy-grip controls, experience fatigue-free dives, even on longer underwater adventures.
  • Precision Control 🎯: The externally adjustable intermediate pressure and high-flow ports offer exceptional performance customisation, adapting to your unique diving style and conditions.


With the SCUBAPRO MK17/S620Ti Scuba Air System, every dive becomes an unparalleled journey! Don't wait - click Add to Cart now and unlock an extraordinary underwater experience! 🛒


MK17 Evo First Stage
• Balanced diaphragm controlled high performance first stage
• Chrome plated brass body
• Cold water: Anti-Freeze protection & Dry seal chamber
• Patented finned cap for anti-freeze measure
• Externally adjustable intermediate pressure
• 4 HP and 4 Hihg-Flow ports LP 
• DIN version features a new dual-compound wheel with an ergo shape and soft grip on a rugged black nylon frame.
• Tank connection: INT 230 bar / DIN 300 bar
• Weight: INT 230: 850g / DIN 300: 625g
• Air Flow at 200bar: >6500 l/min - 230 SCFM
• Intermediate pressure: 9-9.8 bar / 130-142 psi.

S620Ti Second Stage
• Air-balanced valve smoothes out the inhalation effort at varying depths and supply pressures.
• Rugged reinforced technopolymer case and front cover are able to withstand years of aggressive diving.
• Titanium barrel is rugged, anti-corrosion and lightweight for long-term reliability.
• Uses the S600's large diaphragm  inside a compact casing for maximum breathing sensitivity.
• User controls include an easy-grip diver-adjustable inhalation effort knob and Venturi-Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA) lever.
• Super-flow hose features an oversized bore that allows more air to flow on each inhalation.
• Ultra-comfortable compact orthodontic mouthpiece is easy to grip yet doesn't inhibit airflow.