SCUBAPRO MK17 EVO / A700 + R105 Octo

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🌊 Dive Deep with SCUBAPRO MK17 EVO/A700 & R195 Octo: The Ultimate Underwater Trio!

🌟 Outstanding Features:

MK17 EVO First Stage

  • Balanced diaphragm with a chrome-plated brass body.
  • Anti-Freeze protection & dry chamber for cold water diving.
  • Externally adjustable intermediate pressure with tank connection options.

A700 Second Stage

  • Air-balanced valve with coaxial flow.
  • Diver-adjustable inhalation effort and VIVA.
  • Full metal case and valve housing with super-flow hose.

R195 Octo

  • Classic downstream valve with a large diaphragm and classic purge button.
  • High visibility yellow cover and 1 meter long yellow hose for easy sharing.

🔑 Dive into the Benefits:

  • Unbeatable Performance 🚀: Balanced technology ensures consistent performance, regardless of depth or tank pressure. Feel the thrill of a reliable, stable dive, every time.
  • Personalised Comfort 😌: With adjustable inhalation effort and VIVA, create a dive that suits your comfort levels. Savour the freedom of personalised diving.
  • Cold Water Mastery 🥶: MK17 EVO's dry chamber and Anti-Freeze protection make it an ideal companion for cold water. Dive fearlessly into the icy depths, knowing your gear has got your back.
  • Share the Adventure 🤝: The R195 Octo's high-visibility yellow cover and hose make it perfect for deco tanks and sharing. Dive in tandem, securely and comfortably.

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MK17 First Stage

* Balanced diaphragm

* Chrome plated brass body

* Cold water: Anti-Freeze protection & Dry chamber

* Externally adjustable intermediate pressure

* Low pressure ports: 4 (2 HFP)

* High pressure ports: 2

* Tank connection: INT 230 bar / DIN 300 bar

* Weight: : INT 230 850g / 30oz - DIN 300 625g / 22oz

* Air Flow at 200bar: >6500 l/min - 230 SCFM

* Intermediate pressure: 9-9.8 bar / 130-142 psi

A700 Second Stage

* Air balanced valve

* Coaxial flow

* Diver-adjustable inhalation effort

* Diver-adjustable Venturi-Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA)

* Super-flow hose

* High comfort orthodontic mouthpiece

* Full metal case

* Full metal valve housing

* Weight: 265g / 9.3oz

* Air flow at 200 bar: 2000 l/min - 71 SCFM

* Maximum low pressure: 14 bar / 203 psi

R195 Octo

The R195 is a new design based on the heritage of the classic R190 second stage, re-engineered with modern features and materials. The R195 combines a classic downstream valve with a large diaphragm and classic purge button. Its simple and robust construction offers the utmost in reliability and makes the R195 the ideal second stage for new divers and a perfect choice for deco tanks thanks to its reversible hose attachment.

The octopus version combines the features of the R195 with a high visibility yellow cover and a 1 meter long yellow hose for easy sharing.