Scubapro Hybrid Shorty 2mm Ladies (Below Cost Clearance)

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Make a Splash with SCUBAPRO's Hybrid Shorty 2mm Wetsuit—Your Stylish Underwater Companion 🌊👗

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Looking for that perfect blend of style and functionality in your dive gear? Meet the SCUBAPRO Hybrid Shorty 2mm, a tropical dive dream designed exclusively for the chic, adventurous woman. Dive in to discover its irresistible features!

Unmatched Style and Flexibility 💃🌺

  • Eye-Catching Design: Black and white with pink printed accents—be the diva of the dive! The Hybrid Shorty isn't just a wetsuit; it's a fashion statement.

  • Twin Set Fashion: Want to add that extra flair? Pair it with a Hybrid long or short sleeve rash guard and set a new trend under the waves!

Revolutionary Comfort and Durability 🤗🛡️

  • X-Foam Neoprene: Crafted from eco-friendly, non-toxic X-Foam, this wetsuit complies with stringent P.A.H. requirements. It's not just good for you; it's good for the planet! 🌍

  • Ultimate Flexibility: Using a pure design concept with fewer seams and panels, this suit offers unparalleled freedom of movement. You'll hardly notice you're wearing it!

Dive Easy, Stay Warm 🌡️💖

  • Front YKK Zipper: Donning and doffing couldn't be easier. Slide in, zip up, and you're ready to explore the deep.

  • Plush Inner Lining: When it comes to thermal protection, we've got you covered. The soft, plush inner lining keeps you warm without sacrificing comfort.

Embrace Your Inner Mermaid 🧜‍♀️

Ready to turn heads while exploring coral reefs or swimming with the dolphins? The SCUBAPRO Hybrid Shorty 2mm wetsuit is more than a piece of equipment; it's your passport to a fabulous underwater world. Dive in; it's time to make waves!