SCUBAPRO Go Travel Set (Junior)

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🐠 Your Kids Will Love the SCUBAPRO Go Travel Junior Snorkelling / Scuba Set! 🐠

Introducing the SCUBAPRO Go Travel Junior Set - the ultimate snorkelling companion for your young explorers! Specially crafted for kids, this high-quality set combines comfort and durability, making their undersea adventures truly unforgettable. It's the perfect introduction to the awe-inspiring underwater world!


Dive into Outstanding Features! 🌊🐚

  • GO Travel Fin: These compact, lightweight and virtually indestructible fins are designed for the youthful adventurer. With the unique feature of bungee straps, these fins grow along with your kids' feet, providing a long-lasting fit. Plus, the easy donning and doffing add convenience to every dive!

  • Spider Mask & Snorkel Combo: Our single-lens Spider Mask is crafted from soft silicone, ensuring comfort even during extended use. The accompanying snorkel ensures comfortable and effortless breathing under water.

Together, these elements create a set that is not only practical but also perfect for young divers!

Explore the Depths with Unrivalled Comfort and Ease! 🐠🐳

The SCUBAPRO Go Travel Junior Set is meticulously designed to provide your children with an incredible underwater experience. They'll feel the thrill of discovering new aquatic life with clear vision and ease of movement, while also enjoying a comfortable fit that makes snorkelling a joy, not a chore!

Diving into the deep blue sea has never been more exciting. Give your young explorers the gift of an undersea adventure today with the SCUBAPRO Go Travel Junior Set. Order now and let the exploration begin!