SCUBAPRO Compact SPG Gauge

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🌊 SCUBAPRO Compact SPG Gauge: Your Ultimate Underwater Companion!

Embark on your underwater journeys with the SCUBAPRO Compact SPG Gauge! This travel-friendly device is your reliable backup, providing critical pressure data with a quick glance. It's compact, yet packed with features to ensure your dives are safe and enjoyable.

🔑 Key Features:

  • High-Pressure Compatibility: 400bar model, fit for both 200 and 300 bar systems.
  • Safety Red Zone: Highlighted red zone between 50bar and 0bar for easy viewing and increased safety.
  • Safety Lanyard Attachments: Comes equipped with two additional loops for attaching a safety lanyard.

💖 Experience Your Benefits:

  • Dive with Confidence 👍: Know your pressure stats at a glance thanks to the high-pressure compatibility of our gauge. Dive worry-free!
  • Safety First 🚨: Stay in the safe zone with the easy-to-read red area between 50bar and 0bar. Your safety, our priority!
  • Secure at All Times 🛡️: The two additional loops allow for the attachment of a safety lanyard, ensuring your device stays with you throughout your dive.

The SCUBAPRO Compact SPG Gauge is not just a device, it's your underwater partner. It's small enough to fit into any dive bag, yet robust enough to provide vital diving data.

Ready to take your diving experiences to the next level? Get your hands on the SCUBAPRO Compact SPG Gauge today and uncover a world beneath the waves!

ScubaPro's Compact Pressure Gauge is an ideal travelling gauge or back-up instrument.

* 400bar model, compatible with high pressure systems 200 and 300 bar systems.

* Red zone between 50bar and 0bar for increased safety.

* Two extra loops on sides to attach safety lanyard