SCUBAPRO Aladin Sport Matrix

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Elevate Your Diving Experience with the SCUBAPRO Aladin One Sport Matrix Dive Computer! 🐟

Experience the unparalleled thrill of underwater exploration with the SCUBAPRO Aladin One Sport Matrix Dive Computer! Designed with a vibrant metallic silver faceplate and an easy-to-read display, this dive computer is for divers who crave multi-gas functions and for those who appreciate features that allow them to evolve in the sport.

Versatile Functionality: 🌟

Our SCUBAPRO Aladin Sport Matrix Dive Computer offers three operating modes that cater to your unique diving style:

  • Scuba Mode: For traditional diving adventures. 🐬
  • Freediving Mode: For the daredevil in you. 🌊
  • Gauge Mode: For precision and control. ⚖️

Impressive Features: ⚡

Packed with a suite of state-of-the-art features:

  • Predictive Multi-Gas ZHL16 ADT MB Algorithm: Accommodates three gases (21-100% O2). Adapt to any dive situation! 💡
  • PDIS: Calculates an intermediate stop based on N2 loading, current and previous dives, and breathing mixes for safer diving. Safety first! 🚦
  • Microbubble Levels: Adjust the level of conservatism in the algorithm to match your experience level, age, and physical conditioning. Personalise your dive! 🎛️
  • Updated Display: An eye-pleasing LCD segmented display on the top and middle rows, plus a matrix display on the bottom row for a quick and clear overview. Never miss a detail! 🔍
  • Digital Compass: Stay on course with the on-board digital compass, perfect for navigation both at depth and on the surface. Navigate with confidence! 🧭

Easy Management: 🎮

  • Built-in Bluetooth: Dive data can be easily transferred, stored, and analysed on a PC/Mac. Syncs with your Android or iOS device using the new Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy interface. 🔄
  • User-Replaceable Battery: A CR2450 battery, rated for two/three years or 200/300 dives, whichever comes first. Dive without worry! 🔋
  • Max Operating Depth: A staggering 120m, for those daring deep sea dives! 🏊

Dive with precision, dive with confidence, dive with the SCUBAPRO Aladin One Sport Matrix Dive Computer! Embark on your diving adventure today!

Ready to experience diving like never before? Take the plunge with the SCUBAPRO Aladin One Sport Matrix Dive Computer today!