Sasol 300 Easy-to-See Birds in Southern Africa

R 250.00

This practical, straightforward guide to some of the most commonly seen birds in southern Africa is aimed at beginner birders, or even juniors. Less daunting than a full-blown field guide, it’s handy and accessible, combining simple text with clear artwork and photographs to introduce 300 of the region’s easy-to-see birds.

For each bird the book offers:
* Simple text, including how to ‘find it’, ‘identify it’ and ‘understand it’
* Colour images, both illustrations and photographs
* A distribution map
* Common English names, plus scientific, Afrikaans and other African names
* Average size, details of the nest and the number of eggs laid on average
* Interest boxes for some birds, providing extra information.

Colourful, to-the-point and offering quick ID pointers, this book should find a ready market among southern African birders and outdoor enthusiasts.

ISBN 9781775841265
Format Paperback
Published September 2015
Authors Chevonne Reynolds, Nicholas Tye

Ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar as Sasol 300 Maklik Sigbare Voels in Suider-Afrika