Open Ocean 10-Foot Cordura Signal Tube

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Your Lifeline in Open Waters: The Open Ocean 10-Foot Cordura Signal Tube 🌊🚩

Let safety be your top priority with the Open Ocean 10-Foot Cordura Signal Tube. Designed for the utmost visibility, it's the lifeline you need when navigating the open seas.

Crafted to be easily spotted, this signal tube provides peace of mind and enhances your diving safety by ensuring your presence is noticed even in the most challenging environments. 🌐🔍

Here's what sets the Open Ocean Cordura Signal Tube apart:

  • Easy Inflation: This tube is equipped with an LP inflator valve that connects to your low-pressure inflator hose. You can also orally inflate it by simply depressing the valve and exhaling air into the tube. No fuss, no muss. 🌬️🔄
  • One-Way Membrane: A unique design feature of this tube is the one-way internal membrane that lets air in but not out, ensuring the tube stays inflated. 💨🔒
  • BCD-Style Dump Valve: Releasing air is a breeze with the BCD style dump valve, giving you control over inflation and deflation. ⬇️🎈
  • Added Extras: The tube comes with a light stick holder and a whistle for emergencies, neatly packed in a nylon mesh storage bag. In a compact size of approximately 4 x 7 inches when rolled up, it's easy to carry and store. 📏🎒

Imagine the feeling of confidence you'll have, knowing that you're equipped with a high-visibility signal tube that's easy to use and reliable. Your safety is taken care of, letting you fully immerse in the thrill and beauty of diving. 😌🏊‍♂️

With the Open Ocean Cordura Signal Tube, you're not just buying a product - you're investing in a safeguard, a lifeline in open waters. Make the smart choice for your diving adventures. Place your order today! 🛍️👍