Mares XR Regulator – HR 28XR

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Mares XR Regulator – HR 28XR

The unique design of the 28XR first stage in combination with a 360° swivel turret and Nitrox certification at 300 bar make this regulator suitable for all single tank or stage tank configurations requested by demanding divers, including rescue organizations. The Adjustable Breathing Comfort system, in combination with the VAD System, provides great breathing comfort at any depth.


Mares has incorporated the top of modern regulator technology into the 28XR-HR underwater regulator. The first stage uses an innovative balanced diaphragm which is operated by a double piston. AST - Auto Sealing Technology guarantees perfect sealing against the possible entry of sand or other particles, especially in cave diving or in polluted waters. The rotating swivel turret with 1 vertical low pressure port and 4 low pressure ports means it can be used in all configurations. Its flexibility allows it to be used: on a double tank, in stages and in a sidemount configuration.
The second stage with a technopolymer body which is simple and ultralight, provides excellent performance. A large side knob allows you to adjust breathing force, even when wearing thick neoprene gloves.

2nd Stage

• For stage, main backmount, back-up backmount or “hard breathing” backmount use
• Extreme cold water use
• Adjustable breathing comfort system allows the diver to control inhalation effort
• VAD system with “curved” bypass for natural high air flow
• Simple, performing, ultralight technopolymer body
• PAD – Pneumatically Assisted Design
• Oversized purge button
• Soft rubber lp hose

1st Stage

• Shiny chrome metal body
• Natural DFC on all LP ports
• TBP Dry Kit - environmentally sealed for better performance on cold water dives
• AST - auto sealing technology
• 4 LP ports on a swivel turret
• A 5th additional in-line LP port
• 2 symmetrical HP ports with a 10° port angle for perfect HP hose positioning
• NR - G5/8 connection, 300 bar (DIN)
• NX - M26 connection, 300 bar (nitrox)