Mares XR Regular SMB

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Mares XR Regular SMB: Make Your Presence Known Underwater! 🌊🚩

Introducing the Mares XR Regular SMB, your steadfast companion for every dive! Tailor-made for the committed diver, this surface marker buoy ensures your position is seen and recognised. In orange or yellow, this is more than a simple buoy - it's a beacon of safety and a statement of your love for the deep.

The 15cm wide, 1.8m long buoy is brilliantly engineered with a welded and double-stitched construction, making it your long-lasting and reliable dive partner. Its SOLAS reflective tape enhances visibility and ensures your position is spotted easily from afar.

The unique transparent window on the top allows for insertion of wetnote messages or glow sticks, adding to its utility. So, not only does it mark your position, it also becomes a communication tool underwater! 📝

Experience the Superior Features of the Mares XR Regular SMB: 🌟

  • Easy Inflation: Comes with a one-way valve for LP connector or 1 breath inflation, simplifying deployment even at depth.
  • Sturdy Attachment: Features a stainless steel D-ring and attached bungee for secure fastening.
  • Depth Deployment: Integrated pressure-relief valve enables deployment from depth without over-inflation worries.
  • Versatile Use: Inflate at the surface for attracting attention or send up as a marker from depth.
  • Compact Storage: Deflates and fits conveniently in a thigh pocket or backplate storage area.

Relish the thrill of diving with the added security and visibility provided by the Mares XR Regular SMB. With this trusted buddy, your underwater adventures just got safer and better!

Set your mark in the depths with the Mares XR Regular SMB. Order yours now! 🛍️