Mares XR Lift Bag

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Elevate Your Diving Experience with the Mares XR Lift Bag! 🌊

Dive with conviction with the unparalleled Mares XR Lift Bag by your side! 🀩 Whether you're involved in salvage operations, signalling, or just need a trustworthy lift, this safety companion is as versatile as they come. Dive into the realm of endless possibilities! 🌊🌟

Feast your eyes on its impeccable features:

  • Sturdy and Resilient: βš™οΈ With welded and double-stitched construction, this Lift Bag is the epitome of durability, promising an everlasting bond with you.

  • Mighty Lifting Capacity: πŸ’ͺ Boasting a staggering 30kg/80lb lift capacity, it ensures that no task is too Herculean for you to accomplish.

  • High Visibility Safety-Orange Colour: πŸ‘€ Be the beacon in the depths with a striking orange hue that's easily spotted by surface or air traffic, ensuring your safety.

  • Effortless Inflation: 🎈 The one-way valve allows for either LP connector or one-breath inflation, offering you seamless usability.

  • Versatile Attachment Options: 🧲 The stainless steel D-ring on the top and bottom, coupled with a bungee at the bottom, grant you endless possibilities for attachment.

  • Precision Adjustments: 🎚️ The Over-Pressure Valve (OPV) with a long puller enables precise adjustment during lift operations.

Feel the Difference! πŸš€

Diving with the Mares XR Lift Bag is an empowering experience. Feel the surge of confidence as you glide through the water, knowing that you're backed by the best. The sense of security, the aura of invincibility, and the knowledge that you can achieve more - it's life-changing!Β 

The Mares XR Lift Bag is not just a tool; it’s an extension of you. It’s the freedom to explore the depths without any restraint. It’s the wind beneath your fins that elevates you to new heights.

Grab Yours Today! πŸ›’

Why wait? The ocean beckons! 🌊 Make the Mares XR Lift Bag your diving partner today and redefine what’s possible!