Mares XR Hand Compass

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Navigate the Unknown with Mares XR Hand Compass! 🌊🧭

Chart your course with Mares XR Hand Compass, your trusted partner for all tec diving escapades. An absolutely indispensable tool, designed to guide you through the mesmerising underwater labyrinth with ease and precision! 🐠💫

Precision and Clarity - All in Your Hand! 🖐️

Featuring side and top reading possibilities, this oversized compass is thoughtfully designed to provide clear and precise readings, even in low visibility, cave or night-time conditions. Be it a stunning coral reef or an intriguing shipwreck, your Mares XR Hand Compass is your trusty guide in the great underwater unknown. 🌙🔍

Illuminate Your Path - Even in the Dark! 🌠

Outfitted with a luminescent “glow in the dark" internal dial, our compass ensures that you're never left in the dark. Its radiant dial illuminates your way, assisting you in seamlessly navigating your underwater journey, even when daylight is scarce. 🌌🌟

Effortless Reciprocal Navigation 🔄

The compass boasts dual rotating index marks that make reciprocal navigation an absolute breeze. Bid farewell to confusion and guesswork - now you have the power to explore and return with uncompromised accuracy! ⬅️➡️

Robust Holder and Extra Long Bungee Cords 💪

Bundled with a sturdy bungee holder and extra long elastomeric bungee cords, the Mares XR Hand Compass is always within reach, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted exploration beneath the waves. 🌊🏊

Tec divers worldwide swear by the Mares XR Hand Compass - isn't it time you joined them in effortless underwater navigation?

Dive right in! Click 'Add to Cart' and let Mares XR Hand Compass guide your underwater adventures today!