Mares Viper Mask

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🐟 Dive Deep, Dive Free with the Mares Viper Mask! 🌊

Get ready to redefine your diving experience with the revolutionary Mares Viper Mask! Designed for the most discerning freedivers and spearfishermen, the Viper Mask promises top-notch performance with its innovative technical features and a unique, eye-catching design.

Dive into the Details of the Mares Viper Mask 🐠

  • Reduced Distance from Lens to Eye 👀: The Viper Mask is designed to offer you an unprecedented close-to-lens experience. This feature enhances your field of vision, making your underwater explorations even more immersive!

  • Minimal Internal Volume and Increased Field of Vision 🌐: Less is more with the Viper Mask! Its minimal internal volume ensures a snug fit, while the increased field of vision offers a comprehensive view of the mesmerising underwater world.

  • Anatomical Skirt without Internal Lip 👌: The Viper Mask boasts an anatomical skirt without an internal lip, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit on your face. Say goodbye to awkward adjustments underwater!

  • Matte Finish for Anti-Reflective Properties 💫: Dive in style with the Viper Mask's matte finish. It's not just chic but also practical, significantly reducing reflections and glare underwater.

  • Hydrodynamic Profile 🌊: The mask's hydrodynamic profile reduces resistance in water, allowing you to move effortlessly through your aquatic adventures.

  • Ergonomic Mask Strap Buckles ğŸŽ¯: Make adjustments on the fly with the Viper Mask's ergonomic strap buckles, designed for effortless operation even underwater.

  • Fog-Reducing Silicone Skirt ☁️: No more foggy interruptions! The new silicone used in the skirt effectively reduces fogging, ensuring clear and uninterrupted views of the deep blue.

The Mares Viper Mask is a real game-changer in the world of diving. Lightweight, feature-packed, and stylish, it's time to take the plunge and explore the ocean's depths like never before!