Mares ULTRA ADJ Octopus

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Discover Unbeatable Performance with Mares ULTRA ADJ Octo – Ultralight and Unstoppable! 🌊

Dive into the depths with the Mares ULTRA ADJ Octo. Exquisitely designed to pair with the Ultra ADJ regulator, this octopus brings unrivalled lightness and unmatched airflow for a thrilling diving experience.

  • Twin Power System: Ready to harness the power of your breath? Our innovative Twin Power System enables you to control your air flow, giving you the freedom to adjust your breathing effort at will. A diving revolution! 💪

  • Adjustable Breathing Comfort: Your comfort is our priority. The ULTRA ADJ Octo's pneumatically assisted design (PAD) ensures an effortless and smooth breathing experience.

  • High Air Flow: Savour the peace that comes with uncompromised air supply. The ULTRA ADJ Octo guarantees a high air flow, so you can explore the underwater world to your heart's content.

  • Ultralight Technopolymer Second Stage: Crafted from high-grade technopolymer, the second stage of the ULTRA ADJ Octo is incredibly light, reducing jaw fatigue so you can enjoy your dive for longer.

  • Wide Pivoting Purge Button: Our wide pivoting purge button is easy to use, ensuring that clearing your regulator is a breeze.

  • Superflex Hose: Enjoy unrestrained movement with our Superflex hose. Designed for durability and flexibility, it allows you to navigate the depths freely.

Unleash your underwater potential with the Mares ULTRA ADJ Octo. It's not just a piece of equipment - it's your trusted companion in every underwater journey. 🐠

Dive deeper, explore further and embrace adventure with the Mares ULTRA ADJ Octo!