Mares Smart Dive Computer

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🌊 Meet the Mares Smart Dive Computer: The Epitome of Perfect Underwater Exploration!

Experience underwater exploration like never before with the Mares Smart Dive Computer! This innovative device takes dive computing to the next level, offering superb sharpness, clarity, user-friendliness and perfect ergonomics. It's an all-rounder device that caters to multigas and freediving needs, truly embodying the quintessence of diving excellence.

Unbeatable Features for Unforgettable Experiences 🌟

  • Super Sharp and Clear Display: Enjoy unbeatable clarity, even under water. The superior sharpness of segmented characters keeps everything in focus. πŸ“Š

  • Perfect Ergonomics and User-Friendliness: Navigate through settings with ease using its side buttons. Adjust your nitrox settings or view your logbook without any hassle. βš™οΈ

  • NitroxΒ and Freediving Capability: A true all-rounder, perfect for a variety of diving adventures. Dive your way with Smart! 🌬️

  • Two-Colour Strap and Unique Design: Stand out with style, both above and below the water. The Smart Dive Computer is more than a device, it's your perfect diving companion. 🎨

Top-of-the-Line Tech Specs ⚑

  • EANX (Nitrox) 21% - 99%

  • Max Displayed Depth: 150 m (492ft) – Explore deeper, fearlessly!

  • Memory Capacity: 36 hr – Store your underwater memories with ease!

  • Profile Sampling Rates: 5 s – Get accurate, real-time diving data!

  • Multiple Functionalities: Watch, Calendar, Dual Time, Stopwatch, Daily Alarm – All your needs met in one device!

  • Lithium Battery: Long-lasting power for sustained exploration!

  • Personalised Dive Settings: Choice of Metrical/Imperial Units, Fresh and Seawater Settings, Residual Nitrogen Reset – Dive the way you prefer!

  • Safety Features: Exclusion of "Uncontrolled Ascent", Ascent Rate Indicator, Digital Ascent Rate Indicator, Altitude Adjustment – Safety first, always!

Embrace a new era of diving with the Mares Smart Dive Computer. It's the perfect example of technology meeting practicality in the realm of underwater exploration. Dive smart, dive right, with Mares Smart!