Mares Sirius Dive Computer

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🌟 Mares Sirius Dive Computer: Your Star Companion Underwater!

Embrace the elegance of technology with the Mares Sirius Dive Computer. Designed as a sleek watch-style dive computer, Sirius seamlessly blends top-tier technology, perfect for both recreational and Extended Range divers. With the optional tank module, recreational divers can integrate tank data effortlessly. For Extended Range divers, Sirius supports up to five nitrox and trimix mixes. Available in black or black/silver, Sirius can be your faithful partner in all suit thicknesses, thanks to its changeable strap.

Immerse Yourself in Stellar Features 🌊

  • ZH-L16C Algorithm with Gradient Factors and Predictive Multigas: Stay ahead with Sirius's cutting-edge technology ensuring a safe and comfortable dive. 📊

  • Nitrox and Trimix Capable, Up to 5 Gases: Diversify your dive with support for multiple gases. The Sirius adapts to your dive plan with ease.💨

  • MIP Colour, High-Resolution Display: Experience diving data like never before, with a colourful, high-resolution display that brings dive data to life. 📈

  • Full Tilt Digital Compass with Bearing Memory and Stopwatch: Navigate underwater with confidence and precision, with a digital compass that won't let you lose your way. 🧭

  • Hoseless Tank Data Integration for Up to Five Transmitters: Say goodbye to clutter and hello to seamless data integration from up to five transmitters. 📡

  • Colour Coded Tank Pressure for At-a-Glance Readability: Read your tank pressure instantly with a colour-coded system that's simple yet sophisticated. 🚦

  • 100 Dive Logbook with Multiple Graphs: Track and reflect on your diving journey with a 100 dive logbook, beautifully visualised with multiple graphs. 📚

  • Smart Battery Management System with 30 Hours Dive Time per Full Charge (without the use of the transmitter): Dive longer and worry less about power, thanks to a smart battery management system. 🔋

  • Bluetooth Connection for Direct Connection to a Smartphone: Sync your dive data directly to your smartphone, keeping your adventures at your fingertips. 📲

  • Changeable Strap for Use with Any Wetsuit Thickness: Stay comfortable and stylish no matter the suit thickness, with a changeable strap. 🔄

To elevate your Sirius Dive Computer, consider the LED Tank Module 2.0. This tank pressure transmitter sends data about tank pressure directly to compatible Mares dive computers. With a simple LED signal, you can immediately understand the quantity of gas in your tank, making your dives even more relaxed. Whether you're a photographer, videographer, or a dedicated diver, the LED Tank Module 2.0 becomes a fundamental element of your underwater journey.

Dive Now! 🐳

Get ready to dive deeper, explore further, and enjoy more with the Mares Sirius Dive Computer.


Technical features:

* Transmits tank information
* Includes a coloured LED for quick tank checking on the surface
* Permanent pairing
* EN250:2014 certified to 300bar
* Battery type: 14250, user replaceable
* Battery life: 150+ dives
* Pairs with the Sirius (414145)