Mares Rover BCD

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Mares Rover Scuba BCD: Dive Boldly into the Unknown 

Unleash your inner explorer with the Mares Rover Scuba BCD! Specifically designed for the rugged, off-road diver, this high-buoyancy BCD combines superior toughness and adjustable comfort. It's not just a buoyancy control device; it's your ultimate underwater companion.

Mares BCD Sizing Chart : CLICK HERE

🔆 UV Protected Cordura 1000 🛡️: The Mares Rover is crafted from UV-protected Cordura 1000, ensuring the colour remains vibrant and the material resistant, dive after dive. This feature is not just about aesthetics; it's about durability that lasts.

💼 Custom Shaped Pockets 🐙: Keep your octopus and instruments at hand with our custom-shaped pockets. These unique pockets allow you easy access to your gear, making every dive smoother and more enjoyable.

⚖️ High Buoyancy 🎈: The Rover BCD offers high buoyancy that lets you control your underwater movement with precision. Whether you're gliding over a coral reef or exploring a sunken ship, the Mares Rover enhances your diving experience.

🔄 Adjustable Cummerbund 📏: Everyone is unique, and so is every body shape. The Mares Rover BCD features an adjustable cummerbund for a perfect fit every time. Comfort and security come hand in hand when you're equipped with the Rover BCD.

📐 Height-Adjustable Shoulder Buckles 🔝: To cater to a variety of body shapes, the Mares Rover BCD comes with height-adjustable shoulder buckles. Adjust your BCD to fit you perfectly, ensuring maximum comfort on your dive adventures.

Discover what lies beneath with the Mares Rover Scuba BCD. Embrace your inner explorer and let the ocean be your playground.

Dive into your next adventure with the Mares Rover Scuba BCD. Get yours today!