Mares Quattro Plus Closed Heel Set

R 2,799.00

Mares Quattro Plus Closed Heel / Full Foot Set  

Set includes Quattro Fins, X-Vision Mask with Ergo Flex Snorkel

Quattro Closed Heel Fins * (Fins only available in Black) 

The deformation achieved when the blade is optimally channelled creates a significant flow of water and increases thrust.

The rubber-reinforced lateral ribs improve the blade elastic recovery.

The anatomical foot pocket, with a very soft and comfortable reinforced heel, won't cause fatigue when used for long periods.

Ideal for divers who want a shorter fin that is still powerful and reliable over time.

X-Vision Mask

A unique and revolutionary design, combined with innovative technical solutions.
* Field of vision increased by an astounding 20%
* Vibrant new colours
* Compact easy-adjust buckle

Ergo Flex Snorkel

* Ergonomic design
* Purge valve system
* Corrugated flexible tube