Mares Mission 2 Gauge

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Master Your Dive - Mares Mission 2 Gauge! 🌊

Welcome the Mares Mission 2 Gauge - the perfect fusion of simplicity and advanced functionality. This versatile gauge will transform your diving experience. Discover a new depth of underwater navigation!

Versatile and Customisable Design 🔄

The modular design of the Mares Mission 2 Gauge allows for multiple attachment points. You can personalise its setup to your preference. A single piece of equipment, tailored to your unique diving style!

Pressure and Depth Gauges 

It's more than just a gauge. The Mares Mission 2 Gauge features analog pressure and depth gauges. Monitor your diving conditions in real-time and maintain your safety underwater. Knowledge is power when you’re deep below the surface!

Upgradeable to Puck Capsule Computer 

The Mission 2 Gauge isn’t just a gauge - it’s an opportunity. When you’re ready to take the next step, upgrade from the analog depth gauge to the compact Puck capsule computer. Enjoy even more features and functions as you evolve as a diver.

Unparalleled Readability ✅

With its clear display, this tool gives you the easiest readability, even in the murkiest of waters. Keep an eye on your depth and pressure effortlessly, allowing you to focus on the wonder around you.

Set Your Sights on Success with Mares! 👌

The Mares Mission 2 Gauge takes your diving experiences from ordinary to extraordinary. With all the information you need at your fingertips, your underwater explorations will reach new depths.

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