Mares Manta 2.2mm Steamer Mens Wetsuit

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🌊 Mares Manta Steamer 2.2mm Men's Wetsuit: Maximise Your Underwater Adventure! 

Mares Wetsuit Sizing Chart : CLICK HERE

Welcome to a world of advanced comfort and style with the Mares Manta Steamer 2.2mm Men's Wetsuit. Expertly designed for warm waters, this wetsuit combines a special cut for enhanced wearability, with vibrant block colour detailing and texturised knee pads. Let's dive into its outstanding features:

  • 2.2mm Neoprene: Delve into the deep with the Manta Steamer's 2.2mm neoprene composition, designed for superior warmth and flexibility. Move with ease, experience the magic of the deep, and let the ocean's allure envelop you. 🐠💫
  • Double Lining: Keep cool while staying warm. The double lining provides an extra layer of thermal protection, ensuring a snug fit and ultimate comfort during your underwater adventures. 🦈💪
  • Back Zip & Locking System: Donning and doffing a wetsuit has never been easier. The convenient back zip with a locking system makes for a hassle-free dive preparation, so you can jump straight into the action. 🌊👌
  • Rubberised Knee Pads: Dive with confidence, knowing your knees are protected. The texturised rubber knee pads enhance durability and offer additional protection against abrasions, extending the life of your wetsuit. 🔰

Discover the wonder of warm water diving with the Mares Manta Steamer 2.2mm Men's Wetsuit. It's not just a wetsuit, it's your passport to an exciting underwater world. Get ready to maximise your underwater adventure and make memories that last a lifetime!


Pls note: Exchanges / size swaps on the Mares Manta suits are subject courier fees which will be passed onto the customer, for the return of the original suit + the fees to send the new suit.