Mares Magellan BCD

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🌍 Mares Magellan BCD: Your Lightweight Companion for Underwater Adventures 🌍

Introducing the Mares Magellan BCD, a true travel BCD designed with an innovative strap system to boost your comfort and enhance your underwater experiences! This is more than just a BCD; it's your ticket to a world of underwater exploration.

🕊️ True Travel BCD: Extremely Lightweight: With the Mares Magellan BCD, say goodbye to hefty equipment. Its ultra-lightweight design makes it your perfect travel partner, allowing you to explore the ocean depths without feeling weighed down.

🔐 Integrated Quick Release Weight System: Enjoy convenience and safety at your fingertips. The Magellan BCD's quick-release weight system ensures you can easily and swiftly adjust your buoyancy, enhancing your control and confidence underwater.

Foldable with No Rigid Backpack: Our unique foldable design means your BCD goes where you go with ease. Without a rigid backpack, packing and travelling with the Magellan BCD is a breeze!

Strap Loop Backpack for Easy Adjustment 🔄: Personalise your fit with our innovative strap loop backpack feature. The Magellan BCD offers easy adjustment options to ensure your utmost comfort and perfect fit, dive after dive.

Optional Trim Weight ⚖️: The Mares Magellan offers the option to add a trim weight on the tank band, providing you with a balanced and smooth diving experience.

Concave Ergonomic Shoulders (Patent Pending) 🔄: Your comfort is our priority. With the Mares Magellan's concave ergonomic shoulders, you can experience increased comfort in the chest/shoulder area. This design is especially beneficial for female divers!

1 Roll-Up Pocket 📜: The Magellan BCD features a handy roll-up pocket. Keep your essential diving accessories safe and easy to access, without compromising on sleek design or comfort.

Set your sights on the mysterious depths of the sea with the Mares Magellan BCD. It's time to experience comfort, control, and convenience like never before.

Start your underwater adventure with the Mares Magellan BCD. Dive in today!