Mares Loop Octo

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Embrace the Depths with the Mares Loop Octo – Exceptional Comfort, Superior Performance! 🌊

Take your underwater exploration to a new depth with the innovative Mares Loop Octo. Partnering perfectly with the unique Loop 15X regulator, it brings groundbreaking flexibility and reliability to your diving experience.

  • Versatile Design: Whether you're right or left-handed, the Loop Octo's ambidextrous design provides the perfect fit. Say hello to a new level of convenience! 🔄

  • Unrivalled Freedom of Movement: Dive unrestricted in all directions. The Loop Octo allows for complete fluidity, offering you the flexibility to engage with the marine world like never before.

  • Unique 'Under the Shoulder' Hose Position: Breaking away from traditional designs, the Loop Octo comes with an 'under the shoulder' hose position. This innovative approach drastically reduces clutter, giving you a clear line of sight and superior control.

  • Twin Exhaust Valves: Featuring not one, but two exhaust valves, the Loop Octo ensures that your breathing experience remains comfortable and effortless during your underwater adventure.

  • Integrated Sagittal VAD (S-VAD): Dive deeper with less effort. The integrated S-VAD system ensures you enjoy natural, unhindered breathing no matter the depth.

  • Oversized Silicone Purge Button: Easy to access and simple to use, even with the thickest gloves. Our oversized silicone purge button ensures quick and efficient clearing at all times.

Experience a new level of freedom, flexibility and comfort with the Mares Loop Octo. It's not just a diving regulator – it's a gateway to a world of underwater adventures. 🐠

Ready for a game-changing dive experience? Get your Mares Loop Octo today!