Mares LED Tank Module

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Light Up Your Dive with the Mares LED Tank Module / Air Transmitter! 

Experience underwater exploration like never before with the innovative Mares LED Tank Module / Air Transmitter. This game-changing device combines powerful tech and stunning visuals to revolutionise your diving experience!

Transmit Essential Tank Information 🔀

Our module transmits tank information straight to your computer, giving you accurate, real-time data that helps you manage your dive time and safety efficiently. You'll be equipped with the knowledge to dive smarter and safer!

Colour LED for Quick Tank Check 🚦

The colour-changing LED provides an instant tank check on the surface. No more guesswork — the colourful visual aid ensures you can quickly assess your tank status before you dive. Confidence underwater starts from the surface!

Buddy Alerts for Low Air Situations 🚨

In the unlikely event of a low air situation, the colour LED alert signals your buddy during the dive. With the Mares LED Tank Module, you have an extra layer of safety — because diving is about shared joy and mutual lookout!

Permanent Pairing for Reliable Connection 💯

Our device features permanent pairing, ensuring a constant, reliable connection. Dive with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your device is continually paired and always ready.

High-Pressure Certification and User-Replaceable Battery 🔋🏅

The Mares LED Tank Module is EN250:2014 certified to 300bar, demonstrating its exceptional performance under high pressure. The device uses a CR123A battery type, which is easily replaceable by the user. It's a device designed for your diving demands!

Illuminate Your Dive with Mares LED Tank Module / Air Transmitter! 🐠

Join the future of diving with the Mares LED Tank Module / Air Transmitter. It's not just an accessory, it's your underwater partner that keeps you informed, safe, and ready for exploration!

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