Mares Dual Snorkel

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Enjoy Unrestricted Breathing with the Mares Dual Basic Snorkel! 🌊

Discover a new level of underwater exploration with the Mares Dual Basic Snorkel, your trusted partner for easy breathing and comfort during extended free diving sessions.

Why is this your essential companion under the waves?

  • Unparalleled Easy Breathing 💨: Thanks to a collaboration with a leading Italian orthodontia study, our snorkel boasts a hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece designed for incredibly easy breathing. Imagine the freedom of inhaling and exhaling effortlessly while exploring the ocean depths.
  • Prolonged Comfort 😌: Our snorkel is optimised for prolonged use, ensuring you never have to cut your underwater adventures short. Dive in, the water's lovely and your snorkel is ready!
  • Optimised Design 📏: The diameters and lengths are perfected to avoid any air turbulence and make clearing a breeze. Simplicity and efficiency, combined!
  • Anatomic & Hydrodynamic Shape 🌐: The D-section tube eliminates discomfort around the temple area, making for a more enjoyable dive. Feel the snug fit and let the worries of the world float away.
  • Dual-Material Tube 🏊: In the Dual version, the tube incorporates two materials of different softness levels, reducing vibrations and noise as you move. Enjoy your dive without any disruption to your airflow.

With the Mares Dual Basic Snorkel, you're not just diving — you're embracing a seamless blend of comfort and functionality that reshapes your underwater experience. Feel the calm beneath the waves, the joy of unimpeded breathing, and the thrill of discovery without compromise.

Ready for your next diving adventure? Grab your Mares Dual Basic Snorkel today and embrace the ocean like never before! 🛍️💨