Mares Diver Marker Buoy - All In One

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🌊 Enhance Your Safety, Visibility, and Peace of Mind Underwater!

Stand Tall and Be Seen with the Mares Diver Marker Buoy - All In One! This exceptional buoy is designed to provide you with the ultimate safety and visibility during your diving adventures. With its lightweight construction, reflective features, and integrated functionalities, this buoy is a must-have for every diver seeking a seamless and worry-free experience.

Key Features:

✨ 180cm Height: Tower above the water's surface with the impressive 180cm height of the Mares Diver Marker Buoy - All In One. Be easily spotted by your dive buddies and boat crews, ensuring your safety and preventing any potential accidents.

πŸ’‘ 5cm / 2" SOLAS Reflective Tape: The buoy is equipped with SOLAS reflective tape, strategically placed to catch the light and illuminate your presence underwater. Shine brightly and attract attention effortlessly.

πŸš€ Extremely Lightweight: Don't let heavy gear weigh you down. The Mares Diver Marker Buoy - All In One is specifically designed to be lightweight, allowing you to effortlessly carry it during your dives. Enjoy optimal mobility and freedom while exploring the depths.

πŸ” "Diver Below" Reflective Writing: With "Diver Below" reflective writing prominently displayed on the buoy, you can communicate your presence to others with ease, ensuring everyone around you is aware of your location. Dive confidently, knowing you're visible and accounted for.

🧡 Integrated Mesh Pocket for Spool: No need to fumble around for your spool! The buoy features a convenient integrated mesh pocket that securely holds your spool in place. Stay organized and ready to deploy your line whenever necessary.

🎣 20m / 66ft Spool Included: The Mares Diver Marker Buoy - All In One comes with a generous 20m / 66ft spool, providing you with the essential tools for marking your position underwater. Be prepared for any situation and navigate with ease.

πŸ”’ Stainless Steel D-Ring: The stainless steel D-ring attached to the buoy offers a reliable anchor point for your accessories, ensuring they stay secure and accessible throughout your dive. Keep your gear within reach for convenient use.

πŸ”— Double Ender Stainless Steel Carabiner: The included double ender stainless steel carabiner allows for quick and secure attachment of the buoy to your gear. Experience hassle-free setup and ensure a solid connection that withstands the demands of your dive.

πŸ’¨ Oral Inflate Connector for LP BCD Hose: Inflate your buoy with ease using the oral inflate connector specifically designed to connect to your LP BCD hose. Achieve the desired buoyancy effortlessly and maintain control of your ascent.

πŸ’₯ Over Pressure Release Valve: Safety is a top priority! The over pressure release valve incorporated into the buoy ensures that excess air can escape, preventing any potential damage or rupture. Dive with confidence, knowing your equipment is designed for your safety.

πŸ”’ Velcro Closure System: The buoy features a reliable Velcro closure system, keeping your spool securely in place during transport and preventing any accidental deployments. Keep your gear protected and maintain a clutter-free setup.

Experience Unparalleled Safety and Visibility with the Mares Diver Marker Buoy - All In One!

Elevate your diving experience to new heights with the Mares Diver Marker Buoy - All In One. It's more than just a buoyβ€”it's your guardian angel underwater. Enhance your safety, be visible, and enjoy peace of mind during every dive. Dive in with confidence and explore the wonders of the underwater world like never before.

Don't wait! Dive into a world of enhanced safety and visibility. Get your Mares Diver Marker Buoy - All In One now and embark on unforgettable underwater adventures with confidence. Be seen, be safe, and dive like a pro!