Mares Cargo Pocket

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Boost Your Dive With The Mares Cargo Pocket! 🌊

Say hello to convenient storage underwater with the Mares Cargo Pocket! The perfect companion for your Pure SLS, this high volume pocket adds flexibility to your dive gear. Now, when you don't require the SLS system, simply replace it with our spacious, attachable pocket. It's storage made simple!

Feel the freedom of efficient storage as you dive:

  • Versatility at Its Best 🔄: The Mares Cargo Pocket smoothly replaces the SLS system on the Pure SLS, offering a practical solution when you don't need the SLS system.
  • High Volume Storage 📦: Need room for essentials? We've got you covered! This pocket boasts a generous space, perfect for storing all your diving necessities.
  • Seamless Integration 👌: The Mares Cargo Pocket attaches effortlessly to the belt of your Pure SLS, ensuring it sits comfortably and securely during your dive.

Dive into comfort with the Mares Cargo Pocket! With this adaptable, high-capacity pocket, you'll experience the freedom of taking exactly what you need into the depths, without any unnecessary weight. From personal items to small tools, store it all in one accessible place. 🐠💦

Ready to enhance your dive? Invest in the Mares Cargo Pocket and dive into convenience now! 🛍️