Mares Atlas Octopus

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Dive Light, Dive Right with the Mares ATLAS Scuba Octo 🐙

The Mares  ATLAS Octopus  was made with 'All-Metal' technology, also making it suitable for cold water dives. The VAD system gives it natural breathing at any depth. The Octopus Atlas is a dive companion that can be trusted in the most difficult moments.

The most demanding divers can use the Octopus Atlas as an emergency regulator.

The technical features of the Octopus Atlas are:

• 'All Metal' technology for better performance, even in cold water
• Recommended for use in extreme cold water
• A VAD system for natural breathing at any depth
• High airflow
• A wide, pivoting purge button that is easy to use, even with thick gloves
• A lightweight Superflex hose to ensure comfort during use

Join the league of smart divers who have chosen the Mares ATLAS Scuba Octo for their adventures. It's your time now!

Ready for a lightweight dive with heavyweight performance? Order the Mares ATLAS Scuba Octo today!