Mares Apnea Buoy

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Introducing the Evolutionary Mares Apnea Buoy! 🌊

Elevate your spearfishing journey with the robustly built Mares Apnea Buoy. 🦈 Evolved from Mares' distinguished spearfishing buoy line, the Apnea is a pinnacle of resilient design and practical features. Crafted with sturdy PVC, it's built to glide smoothly over the water, making your aquatic adventure effortless and enjoyable.

Dive into its impressive features:

  • Resilient PVC construction: 🛡️ Offering unmatched durability, ensuring the buoy withstands your adventurous excursions.

  • Features a Peak with Ring: 🔝🔗 Perfect for carrying a bottle of water or a waterproof container to store personal items, providing practical convenience.

  • Optimised Drag Point: 🚀 Enhances glide over the water, making your spearfishing journey smoother.

Imagine embarking on your spearfishing adventure, confidently knowing your equipment is built to last and provide practical assistance. Picture the feeling of freedom as the Mares Apnea Buoy effortlessly glides over the water, carrying your essentials securely.

Feel the difference of superior design and experience the unbeatable convenience. Boost your spearfishing experience with the Mares Apnea Buoy today! 🐟